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In 2003, CRT Less Lethal recognized the need to bridge the gap between law enforcement operators, administrators, medical personnel and scientists in the forensic community. Objective independent data from structured, practical testing has allowed us to develop forensic testing protocols for less-lethal law enforcement tools. The results combined with our extensive field experience are used for expert witness casework and creating training programs for agencies all over the US and abroad (including the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, and the Netherlands).  
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CRT has ceased forensic services in hopes of expanding training programs. Learn more,

Rick, John, and Tom’s groundbreaking textbook is now on market: Risk Management of Less Lethal Options

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Available now is our new text on less lethal weapons published by CRC press titled “Risk Management of Less Lethal Options: Evaluation, Deployment, Aftermath and Forensics”. We are proud to have Steve Ijames, Sid Heal, Lucien Haag, Ron McCarthy and others as contributors. This book takes our chapter on CEW (TASER) forensics from Atlas of Conducted Electrical Weapon Wounds and Forensic Analysis and expands it to encompass all aspects of less lethal options, including developed testing and lessons learned from our decade of experience. Topics include reflection of field applications, selecting the right tool for your department, independent testing, practical training, documentation, evidence collection and court preparation. This book is the first of its kind combining real world experience and scientific evaluation of these often controversial devices.

Our book will be the perfect reference to access before starting a less lethal program or addressing issues that arise from the current one. Ideal for police trainers, the text will also be a great resource for administrators, attorneys, pathologists and scientists to help understand the capabilities and limitations of these use of force options. We hope this is a game changer for how agencies approach their less lethal platforms. download flyer

Included in the text are over 234 photos walking the reader step by step through the keys to a successful less lethal program. One of the tests that received attention in our company’s infancy was our flammability testing of hand held chemical sprays(OC and CS) and CEW (TASERs).

Thermal imaging of testing

The CRT protocol encouraged some companies rethink how their testing was performed. We knew we had something significant when our test was featured on episodes of CSI and Mythbusters.

CRT LL continues its core mission to evaluate and test products to ensure that operators and departments have a better understanding of the actual effects of less lethal tools. For further information on evaluation, testing, and training related to these systems, contact us.

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