Expert Witness

CRT Less Lethal is available for consulting, forensic analysis and expert witness testimony for less lethal cases. We understand the rules regarding scientific admissibility of evidence and have a combined total of over 37 years of forensics and law enforcement experience.

What We Do: We apply our field experience, forensic testing, and knowledge gained from human volunteer testing to accurately interpret and analyze incidents. We assist in conveying critical points on the usage and deployment of less lethal systems to a jury.

Qualified Experts: CRT members have been court qualified as experts. We have testified in areas of forensic analysis related to TASER deployments, firearm/toolmark analysis, crime scene reconstruction, in-custody death, deployment/policy issues, and training programs.

Expertise: Other areas of expertise include Impact Munitions, Chemical Agents, Crowd Control, TASER/OC (pepper spray) Flammability, Wound Analysis, Use of Force, and Excited Delirium.

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