Fox Story on New Textbook

Q13 Fox highlights some of the topics highlighted in our new book: “Risk Management of Less Lethal Options: Evaluation, Deployment, Aftermath and Forensics”. flyer

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Range Day at AFTE meeting

In May, the Association of Firearm and Tool mark Examiners will host their 45th Annual Training Conference in Seattle. On the last day of the meeting, they will host a range day at the Seattle Police Athletic Association on May 16th, featuring displays, live fire, and demonstrations from vendors. Combined Systems will also be there providing demos of less lethal systems.

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CRT Employs NAC High Speed Cameras

Recently, CRT teamed up with NAC Image Technologies to perform some experiments with a less lethal device. The results to be the subject of a future publication. Thanks Jim Zimbardo for all of your help.

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CRT’s Risk Management of Less Lethal Textbook Flyer

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CRT LL joins Facebook

After years of holding out, it was time. Follow us on our Facebook page to see what CRT is up to next.

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