New CEW/TASER Wounds and Forensic Textbook

The recently released Atlas of Conducted Electrical Weapon Wounds and Forensic Analysis is a comprehensive publication on the subject of Conducted Electrical (CEW)/TASER wounds and signature markings from these devices. This book is an extremely valuable resource for professions tasked with investigating CEW incidents. Chapter 10, written by CRT LL members, provides a detailed overview of CEW/TASER forensic analysis beginning in 2001.  Other chapters provide an introduction to basic CEW technology, legal and medical considerations, and provides many photos of wound profiles (signature marks) that CEW exposures produce.

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BIP 40mm Testing

Set up for Less lethal testing

In June, CRT LL introduced a new less-lethal round to our proven testing protocol. The BIP (Blunt Impact Projectile), created and marketed by SDI (Security Devices International), was fired into 10% ballistic gelatin (both bare and covered in neoprene) to evaluate injury and wound potential. Once the round passed the evaluation, the round was fired into the thighs of 6 volunteers.
After the wounds were documented and photographed, ultrasound scans were captured of the affected area. The scans were compared to damage captured in our testing media. The data collected will be the subject of a future publication.

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Seattle Chief’s Conference

During a conference in Seattle the first week of April, international police chiefs and executives gathered to discuss current topics and issues facing modern law enforcement. Tom and Rick spent the week outlining our training, testing, research, and forensic analysis with attendees with the purpose of risk management and limiting liability.

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ExDS Seattle Panel Report

The workshop on Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDs) held in Seattle in April 2011 was such a success, the NIJ has published the panel’s comments in a final report. This meeting was the basis for the First Responder Cards available to help recognize and manage this syndrome in the field. This report is a positive step in spreading knowledge and eliciting discussion on the topic as well as assisting first responders (police officers and medics) in addressing this dangerous medical crisis.

NIJ ExDs final report

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Tom Presents at ITOA

Right before Thanksgiving, Tom was invited to Chicago to present to the Illinois Tactical Officers Association (ITOA). He was asked to relate his experiences during the 1999 World Trade Organization(WTO) Conference riots in Seattle. Tom was heavily involved in the preparation and training in crowd control and less-lethal options. Based on that experience, CRT LL has developed testing protocols to scientifically evaluate different tools.

Toms Speaks in Illinois

Chicago will host both the upcoming G-8 and  NATO conferences which are going to be held for the first time in the United States at the same location.  The presentation focused on the three core objectives for crowd control: Life safety, incident stabilization, and property protection.  He covered less lethal considerations from the physiological and psychological viewpoint, including tactics protestors are using against police officers.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to utilize tactics and tools with the greatest effectiveness while limiting injury and liability of all parties involved.

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